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Kimbocorp is the trusted aligned business partner to the World’s entrepreneurs. We supply them with the right local knowledge and business expertise to fulfill their business potential in Singapore.

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Company Setup

We setup your company and bank account in Singapore quickly to get you up and running.

Business Systems

We implement core systems in areas such as lead generation, financial management, brand and market development to help your businesses function normally in Singapore.

Funding and Finance

We position your business to receive finance and funding in Singapore.

Do you face these problems?

Entrepreneurs that use “intermediates” to get into markets do not have the capability to fully realize their potential as their business is constrained by;

High upfront costs

Transactional service providers milk entrepreneurs for every word written and work done. Kimbocorp provides subscription-based cloud-consulting to reduce upfront costs presses

Unclear ROI

Transactional service providers do jobs as asked, without much thought into why this needs to be done and what the benefits are. Kimbocorp pre-engineers results into our cloud-consulting packages so that you know what you are getting before you press buy.

Lack of strategic implementation

Intermediates have a culture sell only “what goes fast”. Kimbocorp facilitates the execution of business strategies to position entrepreneurs to realize their full business potential.

Fragmented partner system

Too many non-aligned intermediates lead to a non-centralized business system. Kimbocorp consolidates all the business systems into one dashboard so that entrepreneurs can see and arrange execution from one location.

Unpredictable resources

Intermediates have resource limitations, leading to a sporadic shortage of capacities and capabilities. Kimbocorp implements a sharing of tasks and assignments and we always have sufficient resources to ensure work continues to progress.

Lack of skilled resources

Transactional service providers and Intermediates are limited in their capabilities. Kimbocorp leverages the experience and skills from the Singapore professional workforce using sharing economy and marketplace technologies to continuously equip us with capable consultants.

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We believe entrepreneurs should be rewarded for wanting to setup businesses in Singapore

Per company incorporated

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What is included
  • Free Reservation of Company Name
  • Free Registration of Singapore Private Limited Company
  • Free Business Profile issued by Singapore Accounting Authority

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