About Kimbocorp

Kimbocorp is a revolutionary platform aimed at modernizing and simplifying business capabilities.

Our company
Kimbocorp enables growing businesses to manage their business capabilities and intangible assets. Our mission is to empower businesses to build business capabilities receive intangible assets (i.e. human capital, licenses, goodwill, trademarks and patents) cheaply and reliably.

We’re a passionate team of problem solvers with significant experience in helping growing businesses open markets in Asia. Our team brings together expertise across financial management, branding and marketing, productivity and automation, legal and accounting, salees and business development. We bring growing businesses in touch with people with deep networks across South-East Asia and with consultants who can elevate businesses to new heights.

Huan Johnson Koh, CEO & Founder

Huan is owner of Kimbo Corporate Pte Ltd, a family-owned accounting and corporate secretarial company specializing in providing corporate services to Startups and Small Medium Enterprises.

Huan the founder and CEO of Kimbocorp, a revolutionary platform to provide growing businesses with business capabilities and intangible assets..

Prior to founding Kimbocorp, Huan founded InProved, a platform for growing private and pre-IPO companies and Private companies to fund and finance oil & gas and mineral properties.

Prior  to founding InProved, Huan worked for Saudi Aramo and Saudi Mining Company (Ma’aden) as private corporate advisor to the  senior management, working in Al-Khobar Saudi Arabia.

Huan took over Kimbo Corporate Pte Ltd in 2017 and ran boutique management consultancy to SMEs in Singapore where he provided them with business capabilities including tax-efficient structures, funding and financing, branding and marketing

Huan graduated with an MBA from HKUST, is a chartered engineer certified by IEAUST and is a full member of the AusIMM.