Other Corporate Services

We make it easy for companies to receive all other corporate functions

A modern solution to add all other corporate functions for your Company

We imagine all companies to be able to receive corporate functions such as accounting, permitting and intellectual property – without hiring people, without conflicts and without ambiguities.

Easy tools to provide all other corporate functions to allow your company to function properly

On monthly subscription basis, no high upfront costs

Automated progress reporting to improve transparency

For Business Owners

  • Setup to receive all other corporate functions in a few clicks
    • Setup all back-office and front-office functions in a few clicks. No more back and forth with corporate service providers.
  • No high corporate service fees
    • Reduce cost pressures by paying on subscription and at less than the cost of hiring expensive corporate service providers.
  • Amortize the costs of all corporate functions
    • Reduce tax burdens by amortizing the costs of receiving all corporate functions such as front and back-office functions, permits and licenses.

For Business Consultants

  • Improve productivity
    • Improve your productivity by using tools that simplify, automate and modernize the provision of corporate services.
  • No ambiguities and conflicts
    • Provide back and front-office functions, such as applying for permits, licenses and IP, recruiting sales and marketing staff and accounting and auditing voluntarily and securely, where all work provided is tracked at individual or company level.
  • Earn fees securely
    • Get paid to provide corporate services. Track all your achievements and accomplishments on the dashboard and get paid predictably.

Instead of spending hours doing research
on how to get permits, licenses, trademarks and how to grow sales and marketing teams

Kimbocorp lets you subscribe to pre-planned and pre-packaged corporate functions in a few clicks. Instead of researching what to do to get employment permits, industry licenses, trademarks and patents, recruit people and conduct accounting, and who best to do these with, subscribe to our pre-packaged solutions and buy the results predictably.

Instead of paying fees to hire expensive corporate service providers

Kimbocorp lets you pay on subscription with grace periods, allowing you to amortize the costs of providing corporate services to your company.

Instead of worrying about whether you will get results from your service providers

Kimbocorp lets you subscribe to pre-packaged corporate services where the results are already engineered.

Services, Cheap and Easy

Perfectly packaged for the aspiring entrepreneur.

We believe entrepreneurs should be rewarded for wanting to upgrade their businesses.

We offer pre-packaged corporate services on subscription and amortization to help entrepreneurs with their cashflow.

From $95 per month

Payable after a 3-month Grace Period

Per active owner of a Singapore incorporated company for a limited time period.

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